Hospital Invoicing

Minimize the Errors & Frustrations of Hospital Invoicing

Hospital invoicing specialists know that they can rely on the seamless design of USMON’s billing matrix to generate accurate hospital invoices with ease.

Custom invoices that are calculated and generated automatically

The USMON billing matrix allows our clients to program the fee schedule for each hospital so that case fees, overages, cancellations, soft goods, etc., are automatically calculated. Knowing that there are times when a fixed formula just won’t work, USMON has even built in a clear method of overwriting the billing matrix as necessary.

The interactive USMON invoice tracker allows you to post payments received and display all the transactions between your company and the hospitals for whom you provide IONM services. Search by invoice number, date or facility; quickly determine which hospitals are paying on time, who’s not paying, or who’s running behind. Review monthly, biannual and annual totals per hospital or region.

USMON significantly reduces the errors and frustrations so often experienced with hospital invoicing.

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